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3 Gear Items You'll Need For Your First Match

3 Gear Items You'll Need For Your First Match

This article is to help make sure you have the right gear BEFORE you attend your first practical pistol match.  Because females are still emerging in the arena of practical shooting, we still are primariliy being exposed by boyfriends, fathers, or male friends of our.  In turn we rely solely on their advice as far as gear and equipment.  This can be great if they are knowledgeable of what gear is best but often they are still figuring it out themselves.  As a result we are being poorly guided and trying to practice a sport with sub par equipment that may limit our potential performance. It's important to do your own research, find a prominent person in the sport and reach out to them to find out what they'd recommend. Once you've shot a bit, you'll figure out what gear you like best. 

If your serious about doing participating in this on a regular basis I'd advise you to spend a little more money on better equipment from the beginning, that way you don't end spending some money today on cheaper equipment only to buy the better equipment later.

Here are the three items you will need and what to look for when picking something out:

1. Holster


- Bladetech w/ Tek Lok attachment (view here)

What to avoid:

  1.  Paddle holsters.  You want to make sure the holster you purchase has what is called a Tek Lok attachement, meaning it attaches with loops that your belt will feed through.
  2. Retention button, i.e. Blackhawk Serpa holster.  These holsters can actually be dangerous especially for new shooters due to the user pressing the release button and then accidentally having their finger on the trigger before the gun has cleared the holster.
  3. Leather! Make sure to only get a Kydex holster.
  4. Canted holsters AKA an angled, usually tilted forward, holster.

2. Mag Pouches


I'd go for single mag pouches vs. double ones.  Single ones will allow you more freedom to arrange them exactly how you want.  Depending on what gun you will be shooting you will need at minimum two pouches, preferably three.  If your shooting a 1911 style gun you will probably want a minimum of 4 but may need up to 6 if you can fit them all on your belt!

- Bladetech Signature Single Mag Pouch (view here)

- Double Alpha Racer Pouches (view here)


3. Belt

The belt you'll need will depend a little on which type of match you are planning to shoot. I always wear the competition belt made by Bladetech (pictured above) however this type of belt is not allowed in an IDPA match.. For an IDPA match look for a nice sturdy nylon belt, ensure it is stiff enough to hold your magazine's fully loaded as well as your gun without sagging.

For Non-IDPA match belts:

- Bladetech competition belt (view here)

- Double Alpha competition belt (view here)

For IDPA belts

- Nylon belt (example here)

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