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Cost to start shooting USPSA

Cost to start shooting USPSA

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The numbers of females showing up to practical pistol and 3-gun matches continues to rise.  It's an amazing trend! If you are thinking about joining this awesome culture then your next question will probably be, "What will I need and how much is it going to cost me?" So let's go over the main items you will need to be reasonably prepared for your first match. I suggest buying most, if not all of these items right at the beginning. I've seen many people at the range, myself included, who awkwardly piece together gear without knowing what they needed and during the first few matches realize that their gear sucked.  Even if the initial cost is a little higher to buy the right gear, I promise you it will be cheaper in the long run and also provide you the opportunity to enjoy yourself that much more.

1. Pistol

What you choose to purchase is going to depend on personal preference and of course budget. Probably the most common gun people start with is a Glock (G17 or G34)  because it is reasonably priced, reliable, and there is a ton of after market parts readily available. If you truly think this is a hobby that you will enjoy for at least a few years, do yourself a favor and get something that you will actually enjoy.  It's a waste of money to buy a pistol purely on its low price.  More than likely you will end up regretting your purchase and will spend more money finding a replacement gun that you'll wish you would have bought in the first place. 

Cost: ~ $650 For Glock or comparable pistol

2. Extra Magazines

Depending on what division you plan to shoot, you will likely need additional magazines exceeding the 1 or 2 that come with the gun.  Typically if you are shooting in the Production division, it's a good idea to have 5-6 magazines.  Personally I run with 6 magazines for both Production and Single Stack divisions due to the limited round count and mag capacity. If you plan to shoot in the Limited division, it would serve you well to purchase 4 magazines but you may even be able to get away with 3. Especially if you end up purchasing base pads that allow you to squeeze in a few extra rounds.

Cost: $30 Per Magazine

3. Holster & Mag Pouches

Next your going to needa holster and magazine pouches. There are many companies out there producing these products.  For further insight read our previous article which outlines the three main gear items you'll need and find links to purchase the equipment by clicking here.

Cost: ~$65+ Holster & $20+ per pouch for magazines

4. Belt

A quality belt can be the most important part of your setup.  More than likely you own a belt that will carry your gear, but eventually you'll realize that you need a belt the serves the specific purpose of being used for competition.  Most people use a belt system that is specific for competition which features an inner and outer belt that attach to each other with Velcro.  These belts are modular in nature and allow the shooter to create customized configurations and gear placement.  There are a number of companies that produce great competition belts, such as Bladetech, Double Alpha, and Safariland.

Cost: $50+

5. Ammunition

Most local USPSA matches are 4-6 stages and require 20-30 rounds per stage.  To be safe I usually bring 200-250 rounds to each match.  Consult your match director prior to showing up and ask what he/she anticipates the round count will be.  Always try to buy ammo in bulk to get the best price possible, usually in 1,000 round increments.  Search online for "bulk ammunition" and compare prices to find the best deals.

Cost: $115 for 500 rounds

So let's assume you plan on shooting in the Production division and will be shooting a Glock 34, here's a rough estimate of your initial costs.

Glock 34 (Comes with two mags): $650

Spare Mags (4): $120 for 4 Additional Mags

Holster: $65+

Mag Pouches (5): $100

Belt: $50+

Ammunition: $115 for 500 Rounds

Total: $1,100

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